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Focus is the #1 goal setting and task management system in Notion. It helps you define your most important goals and keep you focused on reaching them. Focus is based on the GTD (Getting Things Done) and OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodologies.

Goals, key results, projects, habits, tasks, learnings and books are all working together seamlessly in one place so that you can focus on your most important tasks, not having to worry about moving back and forth between different apps and systems.

Focus includes the tools you need. Nothing else. There are no distractions and unnecessary features that gets you of track.

Use the template as is or build your own system around it. Add, remove or improve to make it your own.

Key feautures:

  • Goal setting based on OKR

  • Task management based on GTD

  • Habit tracker

  • Book tracker

  • Learnings database

  • Ready-made templates for each table

  • Mobile friendly

  • Includes a user manual

  • The #1 productivity system in Notion

  • Product type
    Link to Notion template with instructions
  • The #1 productivity system in Notion
  • Product typeLink to Notion template with instructions
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